Volunteer Vacancies

ALL OUR VOLUNTEER VACANCIES will be based from the mec in wythenshawe, manchester and INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING:

  • Training in the business or area you’re assigned to (if applicable)

  • Lunch & travel expenses (if applicable)

  • Uniform (if applicable)

  • Invitation to Message team prayers at 9am each day

  • Real work experience with the option of a reference for a future career

  • Offering encouragement and support working alongside our team members on the apprentice programme

  • Careers assistance with our pool of partnered business

  • One to one induction, support and regular catch up with your manager



Business: The Mess Cafe
Key Tasks include: Using the till, serving customers, clearing tables, operating the barista machine, serving at occasional functions, cleaning pots and supporting the Mess Cafe team.

  • Minimum commitment: 1 lunch time per month
  • Business Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 5:00pm
  • Skills Required: None
  • Desirable skills: Barista trained, restaurant experience & bar trained.


Business: The Mess Cafe & Message Catering
Key Tasks include: Preparing meals from The Mess menu, supporting our full time chefs for catered functions, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning pots and serving customers.

  • Minimum commitment: 1 lunch time per month.
  • Business Opening Hours: Mess Cafe Mon – Fri 8am – 5:00pm
    Message Catering: Evenings & weekends
  • Skills Required: Chef experience and/or qualifications
  • Desirable skills: Driving license.


Business: MEC Building Team
Key Tasks include: Driving to sites, collecting materials, laboring, decorating, plastering, bricklaying, joinery, landscaping, gardening cover and/or supporting the Building Team.

  • Minimum commitment: a morning or afternoon per month
  • Business Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 8am – 4:30pm
  • Skills/Experience Required: Any of the trades listed above.
  • Desirable skills: Driving license, quoting jobs and project management.


Business: MEC Events & Wedding Angels
Key Tasks include: Setting up and clearing down for events, serving meals & drinks, manning the bar, car park steward, welcoming guests and cleaning pots.

  • Minimum commitment: one event every other month.
  • Business Opening Hours: Any evening or weekend exc. Sundays
  • Skills/Experience Required: None
  • Desirable skills: Restaurant, bar and event experience under any capacity.


Business: The MEC
Key Tasks include: Coordinating posts, photographing each business, managing the Instagram & Facebook pages for each business and the charity and building the following on each page.

  • Minimum commitment: Taking ownership of one of our 8 accounts.
  • Business Opening Hours: Can be operated anywhere with internet connection
  • Skills/Experience Required: A passion for social media & photography
  • Desirable skills: Professional marketing experience.


Business: All
Key Tasks include: Mentoring, training, coaching and listening to either our team members or business managers.

  • Minimum commitment: one hour per month.
  • Business Opening Hours: N/A
  • Skills/Experience Required: A Christian faith and well experienced in counselling challenging individuals when mentoring team members. Extensive business experience in the relevant industry for mentoring with our business managers
  • Desirable skills: Catering, beauty, building or events manager; professional counselor.


Business: The MEC
Key Tasks include: Working with the MEC office to process much of the admin involved in running the charity.

  • Minimum commitment: one day per week.
  • Business Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm
  • Skills/Experience Required: Competent with computers and basic Microsoft packages
  • Desirable skills: Administration experience.