We work in partnership with local colleges to ensure that every team member is receiving accredited training throughout their time with the MEC. This means that 20% of the working week will be allocated to training time on an NVQ Level 2 course that is specific to their role and will either occur at the college or in one of our training rooms at the Message. Upon completing their course and our 2 year programme, we will host a graduation ceremony where we present them their qualification certificate and introduce them to their new employer.

What you can except from our accredited training:

  • NVQ Level 2 Qualification

  • 1 day per week at college or studying on site

  • On the job training with our experienced managers and supervisors

  • Careers support e.g. mock interviews, CV writing, job referrals

  • 1 week paid placement at a first class external business in the same industry as their training

  • External Business mentor in the final 6 months of the programme

  • Extra curricular courses e.g. barista courses, theology degree, driving lessons etc. (where applicable)

DISCIPLESHIP & Personal Development (20% of the week)

The most important part of our programme is the spiritual development of our team members and should always be the main incentive for joining the MEC. We have an experienced pastoral care team on hand to offer regular mentoring and counselling and can address any specific issues which may have originally led to their original offence or addictions. We also run courses on life skills and self confidence so that when team members graduate our programme they have all the tools to thrive independently.

What you can except from our Discipleship and Personal Development programme:

  • Tuesday evening dinner & bible study with our in-house Chaplin
  • Starting the day with 30-60 minutes of prayer and worship with the Message team
  • Fortnightly meetings with an assigned mentor
  • 1 day per month participating in our team development and prayer days
  • Weekly attendance and support from an assigned local church
  • Professional counselling support on offer each week
  • Attendance at Christian conferences around the UK

Full Time Employment (60%of the week)

We are providing real jobs for people that in many cases would struggle getting the opportunity due to their criminal record or lack of experience. We don’t require any prior experience but this is desirable if an applicant comes with existing skills or qualifications that can be used in their assigned business. In every business, team members will be working alongside experienced managers and supervisors to offer much more thorough training and support compared to a traditional role in that industry.

What you can except from our full time employment:

  • Duration: 2 years Fixed Contract
  • Weekly Hours: 35 to 39
  • Average Week: Mon – Fri 9am – 5:00pm (hours dependent on each businesses opening times)
  • First year wage: £5 hour – apprentice wage with benefit additions available (if applicable)
  • Second year wage: £8.21 hour – national living wage
  • Holiday entitlement: 25 days paid